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-150 000$ for
individual electric boilers

​The case study reveals the following topics

About the client

GreenHub received a request from a client to solve the issue of electric heating automation. There was a multifunctional 15-story residential complex with 300 apartments in progress. The client chose electric heating for it since the urban heating network and the main gas pipeline were unavailable.

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The client was looking for the best cost-effective option for electric heating of a residential complex, choosing among the following options:

  1. Central electric boiler heating

  2. In-apartment double-circuit electric boilers heating


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The following goals were determined to solve the problem:

  1. To save on the heating system and don`t lose the quality of services for residents.

  2. Comply with the building code, which is mandatory for all buildings with electric heating.





Project development


Equipment installation


Starting-up and adjustment works


Research results allowed the customer to choose the option of in-apartment electric heating boilers to save on the following aspects


On technical premises

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Saving about 100-200 m2 of technical/engineering space with the opportunity of using it as a commercial property.

On networks

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No need to construct heating and hot water networks


On meters

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No need to install hot water and heating meters and organize readings accounting.

On boiler room

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No need to build a boiler room or individual heating point


Electric heating automation system was mandatory according to the building code and provided the customer with the following opportunities


Reducing the required power in the technical specifications for connection to external power networks


Keeping the load of the object within the permitted power limits


Prevention of peak overloads during blackouts 



Estimated power

As a result, we could include the electric power of boilers, covering the heat losses of the walling of each premise on the calculations instead of the rated wattage. It reduced the final estimated wattage of the heating system by 38%.​

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Final power

The simultaneity factor was applied in calculations thanks to the electrical load balancing system. It reduced the final power of the heating system by 68%.​​

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Comparative table of the cost of the electric heating system by in-apartment boilers without a load balancing system and with it

Thanks to the load-balancing system, the client saved

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- 150 000 $

Total money savings due to the system

- 68 %

Total savings percentage due to the system

Do you want to save up to 68% on building electricity?

Contact us and get free calculations of the electric load-balancing system cost for your project.

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