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Park Lake City electric heating automation

In the case you will learn the following:


About the client

The construction company DIM development turned to GreenHub to solve the issue of dispatching electric heating for the first four phases of the construction of the Park Lake City business-class suburban complex. This is a low-rise residential complex with developed internal infrastructure for residents.

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The main goals of the client


Fulfill the requirements

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Conduct dispatching of Vaillant Protherm Skat electric boilers in accordance with the requirements of building code DSTU-NB V.2.5-65:2013.

Save the boiler warranty

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Ensure the preservation of the warranty on Vaillant Protherm Skat electric boilers after installing additional equipment for GreenHub automation.

Achieve compliance with limits

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Ensure compliance with the electronic load balancing system within the permitted limits and load balancing within the Technical Terms.

Save the look

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Install a system with minimal wired equipment so as not to damage repairs in apartments and common areas.

Work process




Project development


Installation of equipment


Commissioning and debugging works



Technical solution

We found a technical solution for two-way data exchange and power management of Vaillant Protherm Skat electric boilers, according to the requirements of DSTU-NB V.2.5-65:2013.

Installation of equipment

A wireless electric heating dispatching system was designed and implemented in four buildings.

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Home controller

A BC-01 building controller, which is the brain of the entire dispatching system, was installed in the concierge room of each building.

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Control module

A BA-01 control module manufactured by GreenHub is connected to each Protherm electric boiler, which is connected to the electric boiler via the eBus information bus.

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Floor controller

DC-01 floor controllers are installed on each floor, which provide wireless communication with equipment for controlling Protherm electric boilers.

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Temperature sensors

GreenHub TC-01 temperature sensors are installed in each room and connected to the BA-01 module to ensure the balancing and prioritization algorithms.



Reduced power in the Technical Conditions

Thanks to the installation of the electric heating automation system, it was possible to reduce the power from electric heating in the Technical Conditions for connecting to external networks by 2 times compared to the actual installed power of heating devices.

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Functionality received by the client:


Power management

The system supports two-way communication and controls the current power of Vaillant Protherm Skat electric boilers.

Limit support

In automatic mode, it supports the maximum limit of consumption by buildings set by the operator.

Allocation of the limit

Redistributes the free limit on TP between the needs of individual buildings.

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Do you want to save up to 50% on electric heating of the building?

Write to us and we will make a preliminary calculation of the cost of the electronic load balancing system for your building free of charge

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