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Energy-efficient system

A groundbreaking approach to building smart systems. Easy to use system with no programming required.

System features

The system consists of a temperature sensor and a thermostat to control the heating

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Reduction of costs

The system keeps records of heating consumption and issues consumption forecasts. It controls utility consumption automatically and decreases it due to scenarios. Also consumption settings can be adjusted manually and you can save on electricity

GreenHub advantages

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Wireless connection

Connection to the outlet is not required. The battery-powered sensor operates for 10 years.

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Ventilation mode

The mode detects open windows and does not turn on the heating during ventilation

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Ready to use

Ready for use straight out of the box (battery installed).

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Purpose build

Compact size allows to install the sensor in the most hard-to-reach places

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Simple installation

Instant access. Just stick the sensor to any surface.

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Mobile application

Users see the current temperature and adjust it in the mobile application

The energy-efficient system consists of


The Hub intelligent control panel is a key element of the smart home. Any GreenHub smart system can be connected to it.


A battery-operated device, which regulates heating so that the temperature is maintained or adjusts climate for the purpose of saving.

Temperature sensor

The device that detects and measures hotness and coolness and converts it into an electrical signal, transmitted to the thermostat.



Add new devices and manage the system from anywhere in the world


Get energy consumption analytics and charts in the mobile application


Create a comfortable temperature regime and the desired level of humidity

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GreenHub mobile application

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