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Hot water automation system

A simple way to dispatch hot water and implement its internal accounting.

Save up to 40% on dispatching hot water!

System is required for

Buildings with hot water supply from external networks

For all buildings with the need for automated data transmission from hot water heat energy meters.​​

Group 237529.png

Buildings with internal production of hot water

For all buildings with water supply from their own boiler house and the need to implement automated internal hot water accounting.​

Simple setup of internal accounting



Add counters to the system, according to the sequence of their connection.


Enter the value

If necessary, enter the starting values.


Get reports

The system generates a report on expenses and imbalances on a monthly basis

Sharing data from meters

Data transfer

Transfer of necessary data to water utilities.

Consumption graphs

Access to consumption and imbalance schedules for the management company.

Residents' app

Display of personal consumption data in the end user's mobile application.


Would you like to save up to 40% on a hot water dispatching system?

Write to us and we will make a preliminary calculation of the cost of the hot water dispatching system for your home free of charge

How the hot water automation system works

scheme hot wateren.png


Line 6.png

The GreenHub BC-01 home controller reads readings from meters and maintains an archive of readings


Line 6.png

Ready-made software that does not require programming allows you to set up the system in 15 minutes


Line 6.png

Access to data from counters and equipment errors in the admin dashboard  and via the Internet


Line 6.png

Integration with the equipment of majority manufacturers and the interaction of equipment from different manufacturers


Frame 237506.png

Home controller

Maintains communication with the cloud server and transmits commands to end devices.

Frame 237507.png

Universal cable

Transmits system control data to the home controller and powers the system

Frame 237508.png

Distribution box - M

The MB-M-01 connects segments of the building dispatch network between itself and the BC-01 building controller.

Frame 20.png

Distribution box - C

The MB-C-01 transmits signals from the end equipment to the trunk distribution box

Frame 22.png

GreenHub equipment

It is an analogue of equipment from other manufacturers, but has expanded capabilities

Frame 24.png

Other equipment

The system interacts with Apator, Sensus, etc. equipment. using "native" protocols

System features

Frame 237601-1.png


Automatic collection of readings from counters and backup storage of information

Frame 237600.png


Monitoring of consumption for each room and the building as a whole

Frame 237600-1.png


Remote control of electric shutters at the entrance to the building

Frame 237596.png


Formation of consumption schedules according to the entered parameters

Frame 237601.png


Control of pressure in the water supply system and control of pit flooding



Simultaneous use of different types of equipment as part of a single system

GreenHub advantages

Complex product

The hot water dispatching system is a component of a larger and complex product - "Building dispatching".

Communication with other systems

The system interacts with dispatching systems of switchboards, pumping equipment, automation of boiler houses, etc., which allows to automatically calculate the cost of supplying hot water to consumers.

Savings on implementation

When installing a hot water dispatching system within the framework of the unified dispatching of the building, you additionally save up to 40% of costs due to the use of a single infrastructure, the absence of duplication of cable routes and equipment.


Implemented system

Park Lake City

Water supply automation

  • suburban complex

  • organization of internal accounting

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