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ParkLakeCity power monitoring

In the case you will learn the following:


About the client

GreenHub was approached by the construction company DIM development to solve the issue of power supply monitoring and organization of internal electricity accounting at the Park Lake City facility.

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  1. Conduct apartment-by-apartment and whole-house monitoring of electricity consumption in the first four stages of construction.

  2. To ensure savings in the general budget due to the implementation of a power consumption monitoring system on the basis of the already working building dispatching system.

  3. Organize internal electricity accounting at the facility.



Connection of equipment for taking readings from meters


Commissioning and debugging works



Junction boxes

On each floor, GreenHub MBC-01 distribution boxes are installed in the power supply niches for transmitting signals from the meters. Electrical meters are locally connected to them, in the corresponding terminals.

The results

The dispatching system supports two-way communication with each electric meter at the facility



A system for monitoring the electricity supply of buildings has been built.


Internal electricity metering has been implemented at the facility.


The system automatically calculates the monthly imbalance and allows you to investigate its possible causes.

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The customer saved 40% of the money

The customer saved 40% of costs* thanks to the implementation of the electricity monitoring system based on the already working dispatching system of the GreenHub building.

*savings on materials and cable products, equipment, installation and commissioning works.

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If you also want to implement accounting and monitoring of electricity supply - call us!

Write to us and we will make a free preliminary calculation of the cost of the system for your building

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