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Case study

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ParkLakeCity protection of engineering niches

Implementation of a system of local monitoring and protection of engineering niches at the facility

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ParkLakeCity power monitoring

Implementation of the facility's energy monitoring system and organization of internal electricity accounting

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Park Lake City Water Automation

Dispatching of water supply meters and organization of internal accounting in a suburban complex

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ParkLakeCity Elevator Automation

Dispatching of Schindler 3300 MRL elevators with the organization of two-way data exchange with elevator equipment

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Park Lake City Electric Heating Automation

Dispatching of electric heating of the first four stages of the construction of a business-class suburban complex

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Comparison of GreenHub and traditional dispatching

Multi-apartment 25-story 200-apartment building with heating and hot water supply from a gas boiler.

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-$150,000 on individual electric boilers

Comparative table of the cost of electric heating systems with individual boilers without a balancer and with a balancer

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