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Comparison of traditional facility dispatching and GreenHub dispatching

About the object

Multi-apartment 25-story 200-apartment building with heating and hot water supply at the expense of its own rooftop gas boiler house.

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The task is to develop 10 separate systems:

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Water readings

System of automated collection and transmission of cold water readings from meters.

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Boiler house

Dispatching of the roof boiler room.

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HVP readings

Collection and transmission of gas consumption readings for heating and domestic hot water needs.

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Pumping equipment

Dispatching of pumping equipment for cold and hot water supply.

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Electricity supply

Power supply dispatching.

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Monitoring of cold water pressure and pit flooding, control of the electric valve at the entrance to the building.

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Gasification alarm in basements and boiler rooms.

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ITP dispatching.

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Heat accounting

Collection of readings from heating and hot water systems and automation of internal commercial accounting.

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Dispatching of elevator equipment.



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- 40%

The dispatching system from GreenHub allows you to save 40% of money.

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- 50%

The dispatching system from GreenHub allows you to save twice as much time.

In more detail, where does the 40% savings come from, you can read here.

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